Cross Border Summit in a bit over a month!

Thank you again for being part of the fourth annual Cross Border Summit, I’m heading into Guangzhou next week to see the venue again with my own eyes and to confirm all the million minor details such as venue setup and more.

April and I have been talking to many people, one on one – and some questions that come up, I figured I can send here.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where is the event?

It is in downtown Guangzhou, TIT Innovation park. The venue is on the website with a few hotels nearby, the one on the left Fangyuan, a few minutes walk from the venue.

    1. Do I need a China visa?

Most likely, yes. Some of you already have a visa from years ago – just make sure it is still valid – the date isn’t expired, your passport has more than 6 months left on it (or you have a new passport and an old passport together), and you have more entries on it. We have been helping with invitations letters and other help with China visa, so please let April know.

    1. Which days / time should I come?

The event officially kicks off at 9am on Tuesday Oct 22, but we have a mastermind 2pm to 6pm the day before (Monday Oct 21). We have our VIP speaker dinner also the night before on Monday Oct 21. The event is 2 full days, Oct 22 – 23, and you can check the agenda here to see the speaker times and topics. If yours doesn’t look correct, please let April know.

    1. Helping spread the word

Sharing the poster, video, and other information is very helpful. Let us know when you share it and we can re-share it as well.

If you have other ideas or suggestions please let us know, it is lining up to be a great event.

Now is the time to ask questions!

April and I are overloaded as you can imagine, I’ll be on the road in China the next couple weeks, doing meetups and checking the venue. April is the best go-to person and I can help out, of course.

If you’re not yet in our CBS speaker weChat group, please let us know so we can get you in there. That will be the best way to keep everyone up to speed.

Have a great week ahead!


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