Speaker Spotlight: Daniel Fernandez

Daniel Fernandez


Daniel runs an Amazon marketing agency that specializes in PPC.

He is an entrepreneur and expert in cross-border e-commerce, copyright, and marketing. He has a wide-ranged skill-set that is built on the foundation of getting products into the hands of the end-user.

As an extensive traveler, for both business and pleasure, he has gained a global perspective and with his well-traveled knowledge understands the ins and outs of supply-chain logistics, international trade, and going from 0 to 1 for any type of product.

Catch up with Daniel in the Fourth Annual Cross Border Summit on October 22 – 23, 2019 at Guangzhou, China. He will speak about all the Tips, Tricks and Hacks within Seller Central so you can maximize it to its full potential and grow your Amazon business.

Now, here’s Daniel inviting all of you to the Fourth Annual Cross Border Summit:

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