Speaker Spotlight: Davide Nicolucci

Davide Nicolucci
Growth Hacking Your Way To A True Brand


Davide Nicolucci is a Growth Hacker, Digital Marketing Consultant, E-commerce Business Coach, Speaker at top E-Commerce Summit & Events in Asia. He has been leading projects across Europe, United States and Asia for the past 10 years.

He is also founder of Growth Hack Consulting HK LTD and former Marketing Director & Team Leader for top Amazon global brands.

His expertise includes but not limited to PPC Sponsored products, Ads Management, Product Ranking, SEO and Marketing.

If you want to learn about How To Manage Your PPC Campaigns and get an in-depth discussion in a workshop on Strategies on How To Optimize Your Sales and Campaigns that will be brought to you by Davide himself, then join us in the Fourth Annual Cross Border Summit on October 22 – 23, 2019 at T.I.T. Park in Guangzhou, China.

Here’s Davide, inviting you all to the grand event:

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