Why YOU need to attend the Cross Border Summit

If you are in the “cross-border” ecommerce and trade space, in and out of Asia, then attending the Cross Border Summit is a “no-brainer”.

We cover content in the following arenas:

Amazon FBA

Shopify / Shopping Carts / Facebook Ads

China / Asia sourcing and manufacturing

– the dominant marketplace in the Western e-commerce world.

– the runner up for the Western world’s top ecommerce channel.

– all the marketing in the world, you still need a good product. We bring in product making experts to help keep you informed.

Southeast Asia E-commerce, Lazada
Chinese e-commerce and Wechat
Top China FBA sellers

– A growing trend in the community has been getting into the hot SE Asia market, we will have experts in the space on site speaking and sharing.

– We cannot ignore the massive Chinese e-commerce ecosystem and will have experts from Mainland China sharing those insights.

– The world wants to know what these Chinese Amazon sellers have been doing to reach such great scale, and invite top sellers down to share.

Corporate, VAT, and Tax Optimization for International Business

Trends in the marketplace

Managing cross-border cultures and teams, online, across-countries

– dealing with buying and selling between 2 countries (cross-border) we have very complex tax and corporate governance, so let’s listen to some experts.

– what is the current trend in cross-border e-commerce and where are we headed?

– Doing international business means we are dealing with multiple cultures and personalities, let’s dig in here and understand how to work with different cultures.

How To Maximize The Event

Now that we have discussed what the topics will be – let’s discuss how it will be maximized:

A multi-day, action-packed, exclusive event at a top-notch venue filled with:

Live speaker sessions

We bring in the top industry experts to share their knowledge and insights on what is happening in the space. Back to back speakers sharing on creative ways and private ways (this is not recorded) to grow your international business leveraging today’s cross-border business tactics.

Top networking

This is an exclusive business event and you will be meeting business owners and leaders in the industry over coffee, tea, and drinks throughout the 2 days of the main event.

Place to make deals

Don’t just come to learn, but come looking for business partnerships and deals. Having an open mind with this powerful and select group of business leaders will leave you walking away with valuable relationships and next steps for growth.

Hyper focused networking

Each day the Cross Border Summit ends with a “Cross Border Matchmaker” session. This is a time where we take top experts in the industry (speakers and other community leaders) and have them host a round table (or simply a round area of chairs) and “get their hands dirty”. We bring all participants together and work to have them sit down in a focus group with an expert and a specific topic. You will meet new people in your hyper focused topic, trade business cards, and get truly actionable insights.

An experience

many of previous attendees have said it is more than a conference, but more of a retreat and a time to bond with other experts and leaders in the industry. Because it is multiple days, and because it is so hyper focused with top leader in the industry, you will constantly run into people and followup on conversations from previous “bump ins”. The casual and inviting experience will make you feel at home along with others and making amazing business deals together.

Listen to the founder himself, Michael Michelini, as he tells you why YOU should be attending the Cross Border Summit:

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